Kathy Tenison Trawick, Executive Director

Kathy Tenison Trawick began her tenure as the Executive Director of the Tennessee Fair Housing Council on June 1, 2017. Originally from Nashville, Kathy has nearly 30 years of experience in housing related areas. Since 2003, Kathy has focused her work on violations of the Fair Housing Act when she began working at West Tennessee Legal Services as a Paralegal/Test Coordinator. In this role, Kathy investigated allegations of violations of the Fair Housing Act across the state, and provided technical assistance to other Legal Aid attorneys in the filing of HUD Complaints. She also led systemic investigations in various parts of the state, providing HUD with systemic information of subsidized housing violations of the Act.

In 2007, Kathy entered law school at the University of Memphis School of Law with the goal of taking her advocacy to the next level. During her tenure in school, she continued to work full time at WTLS as the test coordinator and housing paralegal. Upon graduation and admission to the bar in 2011, Kathy continued her Fair Housing work and expanded her representation to landlord/tenant issues and mortgage violations. During her time at WTLS, Kathy coordinated hundreds of tests in the markets of rental, sales, lending, and insurance. She also assisted in the filing of dozens of complaints of housing discrimination with HUD. This included representation in state court, in front of Administrative Law Judges, and Federal Lawsuits.

In an effort to ensure access to Fair Housing Enforcement across the country, Kathy assisted others at WTLS in the establishment of new fair housing organizations in the states of Mississippi, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Kathy trained staff attorneys, test coordinators, testers, and other personnel for these new organizations, in addition to maintaining her cases in Tennessee.

Prior to working at West Tennessee Legal Services, Kathy worked at two Housing Authorities in West Tennessee for a total of 15 years and before that, she worked in the banking industry. Kathy brings a broad based knowledge to the role of Executive Director that will assist her in all types of investigations.

In a statement, Kathy said, "Coming to the Tennessee Fair Housing Council is a bittersweet opportunity for me. Tracey McCartney was an inspiration and mentor to me, but most of all she was a friend and she is missed daily. I see my role as expanding the broad direction she established for the agency, while continuing to represent clients. I am forever grateful to all she taught me and for the good will she established with many, many agencies in the area, state, and nationally. There is still much work to do in the eradication of housing discrimination and I have been energized by the people in Nashville with whom I've spoken. I am slowly, but surely getting out in the community following up on Tracey's connections and making my own. Please reach out to us if you are in need of information or representation."

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Mitzi Hall

Mitzi Hall is a staff attorney at the Tennessee Fair Housing Council (TFHC), where her primary focus is on housing discrimination. Her primary role is providing representation to persons who are currently facing or who have faced housing discrimination. She also provides outreach and education to assist those in the community on fair housing rights under the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Prior to joining the TFHC, Mitzi spent 6 years in private practice concentrating on family and consumer law.

Throughout her career Mitzi has been actively involved in several community and legal organizations. She has spent many hours volunteering for organizations such as Memphis Area Legal Services, Tennessee Area Legal Services and the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. She began her work with Fair Housing as a tester for West Tennessee Legal Services in 2003.

Mitzi is a graduate of the University of Memphis where she received a B.A. in Political Science. She received her law degree from Western Michigan University Thomas Cooley Law School in 2010. While in law school, she volunteered as a student attorney at the New Orleans Public Defender’s Office and worked with the Innocence Project to free wrongfully accused persons on death row.

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Erica Fenton

Erica, a native Nashvillian, joined the staff of the Tennessee Fair Housing Council in April 2018. She is our Fair Housing Specialist, working with our clients in many stages of the investigations.

Erica is working toward her bachelor's degree from Belmont University. It is our hope that she will attend law school in Nashville and continue working at the Council.

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